Leader Covenant

As a Small Group leader, you have agreed to these statements and values. You will be asked to renew this agreement each Fall Semester during the online registration process.

  • I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior
  • I have no unresolved or secret habitual moral issues in my life that would bring confusion or shame to the name of Jesus Christ
  • I have no current major marital issues (infidelity, separation, divorce in process, etc.)
  • I support Fellowship of the Parks’ statement of faith without any reservation or addition
  • I commit, with my best effort, to living an exemplary Christian lifestyle while pursuing growth by spending intentional and consistent time with God
  • I commit to developing a healthy, balanced Small Group by praying for my members daily, staying engaged with missing members, and modeling the way of caring for one another
  • I commit to submitting a weekly attendance report (video training available), developing a reliable method of sharing prayer requests with my Small Group, maintaining communication with my Team Leader, and encouraging mature members of my Small Group to become leaders themselves
  • I commit to leading my Small Group with an outward ministry focus by serving together in our community at least once per semester, as well as pursuing, welcoming, and including new members in our meetings
  • I commit to lead my Small Group with wisdom by not consuming alcohol during Small Group meetings or events so as to limit our freedom and avoid causing our brothers or sisters to stumble (Romans 14:19-21)

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